Invitation to young scientists

Heidelberg Laureate Forum invites young scientists to meet with some of the greatest minds of mathematics and computer science.

You are a young researcher (Undergraduate, Graduate, or Postdoc) in the fields of Mathematics and/or Computer Science, and you probably already started a scientific career in academia, in industry, or elsewhere.

Of course, you know the names of the pre-eminent scientists in your area, scientists who solved long-standing problems or who paved the way into new, unchartered territory - researchers who sparked your passion for science and whom you may consider role models.
You probably even met one of them at a conference.

Now what if you had not just a brief chat with one of those exemplary scientists, but if you met them in an environment where you could discuss your scientific ideas, ask for their advice on your career plans etc. in a casual setting with a time budget of hours and even days?
Sounds attractive but unrealistic?

It certainly is not a very likely scenario, but the newly created Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) will do exactly this: It will bring together winners of the Abel Prize, the ACM Turing Award, and the Fields Medal with young scientists from Computer Science and Mathematics.
The Forum will span one week and will consist of presentations, workshops, panel discussions and various social events, all of them involving both the laureates and the young scientists, focusing on scientific exchange and inspiration.

The 1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum will take place in 2013, from September 22nd to 27th.

Who can participate?

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum will invite undergraduate students, PhD candidates, and young researchers at the postdoctoral level. In the latter category we are not just addressing people in classical postdoc positions but also young scientists who recently completed their PhD, are still strongly interested in scientific matters, even if they are now working in a nonscientific environment.

How does the invitation process work?

The HLF will apply a mixed strategy for identifying potential invitees:
1. Representatives of selected scientific organizations will be asked to nominate
2. Young researchers can apply online at

The final selection of the invitees will be made by the Scientific Committee supporting the HLF foundation. Members of the Scientific Committee are listed at:

What do you need in order to apply?

The material required for a complete application is listed in the website, but here is a short summary:
• Applications in all categories: CV; statement of purpose (why do you apply); Awards, other scientific achievements (if any); names and addresses of people who can provide a letter of recommendation (1 to 3); indication of your field of research (Mathematics, Computer Science, or both)
• Additional information from PhD candidates: Short summary of thesis topic; transcripts; publications (if any).
• Additional information from Postdocs: Short summary of thesis topic; publications; suggestion for a 90 min workshop to be organized as part of the Forum (optional).

What is the schedule?

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2013.

Should we receive many more applications and nominations than our reviewers can handle, we reserve the right to close the application website early.

Successful applicants will be notified by April 15, 2013.

Will there be travel support?

The HLF Foundation will provide travel support for a limited number of young researchers. Details will be contained in the acceptance notification. For the others HLF will try to establish contacts with funding agencies in various countries so that support can be asked from national sources.

General remarks

Participation in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum is by invitation only. Submitting an application or receiving a nomination does not establish a legal claim to an invitation.

If you have questions, please contact:

Helge Holden, Email: holden@math.ntnu.no or

Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas, Email: hans.munthe-kaas@math.uib.no.

John Rognes ny leder i Abelkomiteen

Styret i Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi har oppnevnt John Rognes, professor i matematikk ved Universitetet i Oslo, som ny leder i den internasjonale Abelkomiteen. Han etterfølger Ragni Piene. Abelkomiteens leder oppnevnes for en periode på fire år.

(17.07.2014) Les mer

Yakov Sinai mottok Abelprisen av HKH Kronprinsen

I strålende solskinn ankom HKH Kronprinsen Universitetets Aula for å dele ut Abelprisen til Yakov Sinai. Den russiske matematikeren fikk prisen «for hans vesentlige bidrag til dynamiske systemer, ergodeteori og matematisk fysikk»

(14.05.2014) Les mer

Kunnskapsministeren overrakte Holmboeprisen til Tor Arne Mjølund

Kunnskapsminister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen overrakte Holmboeprisen for 2014 til Tor Arne Mjølund fra Kristiansand Katedralskole Gimle på Oslo Katedralskole 19. mai. - Tor Arne Mjølund får Holmboeprisen for sitt engasjement med å utvikle en matematikkundervisning som fremmer matematikkforståelsen og motivasjonen til elevene, sa styreleder Arvid Siqveland i Norsk matematikkråd i sin begrunnelse. Holmboeprisen er på 100.000 kroner, som deles mellom prisvinneren og skolen. Rektor Knut Aasen var også til stede ved prisoverrekkelsen.

(12.05.2014) Les mer

Matematisk filmaften på Kino Victoria

At matematikere går til filmen, hører til sjeldenhetene. Men søndag 18. mai inviterer Oslo Kino i samarbeid med Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi til en matematisk filmaften som opptakt til Abelprisutdelingen. Det vil bli vist to filmer, «Colors of Math» og «How I came to hate maths" der matematikere spiller hovedrollene. En av skuespillerne er den franske matematikeren Cédric Villani som vil være til stede for å snakke om filmene.

(09.05.2014) Les mer

Matematisk biljard og kaos

Abel-forelesninger og Science-forelesning på Universitetet i Oslo

Abelprisvinneren Yakov Sinai holder sin prisforelesning på Universitet i Oslo 21. mai. I tillegg holdes to Abelforelesninger ved Gergory Margulis og Konstantin Khanin. Årets Science-forelesning holdes av Domokos Szász og har fått tittelen "Mathematical billiards and chaos". Forelesningene holdes i Georg Sverdrup hus fra kl. 10.00 - 15.00 og er åpne for alle interesserte.

(08.05.2014) Les mer
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